Best MP5 Picatinny Top Rails

Adding a top rail to your H&K MP5 is one of the easiest ways to modernize your subgun.  While the factory MP5 doesn’t come with any picatinny rails, you can easily add a rail in two ways.  The information here works for the original MP5, and its many variations such as the MP5K, SP89, MP5-A2 etc. 

What makes a good top-rail for the MP5?

  • It should have a solid, wiggle-free connection to the receiver
  • Its installation shouldn’t damage the finish of the MP5
  • It shouldn’t get in the way of the cocking handle


Aftermarket top picatinny rails for the MP5 are available from brands like Midwest Industries.  They mount on the top of the gun and allow you to mount anything such as an optic or flashlight.  They are basically a rail section with a special mount to the receiver of the MP5.  Some top rail mounts also have an arm that extends out to the front sight post.

Midwest Industries H&K Top Picatinny Rail (MI-MP5-OR)

$79.95 - Buy Now

A solid top mount for the MP5 from Midwest Industries.  Provides a 9-slot rail section on your MP5. 

  • Mounts to the MP5 in such a way to not damage the gun’s finish, yet also to have a solid, steady fit
  • Aluminum construction
  • Able to be used with the original plastic handguard on the MP5, if you want
  • Designed for 9mm receivers, other calibers will have fitment issues

Midwest Industries MP5 Top Rail MI-MP5-OR


Midwest Industries H&K MP5 Top Rail with Sight Extension (MI-MP5TR)

$137.95 - Buy Now

Another solid top rail for the MP5.  Unlike the MI-MP5-OR, this rail has an arm that reaches out to the front sight post, giving it a bit more stability.

  • Arm contains two extra MLOK slots, allowing you to mount more items further up the gun (good for flashlights or lasers)
  • 11-slot picatinny rail section as main rail, good for optics
  • Aluminum construction
  • Also able to be used with the original plastic handguard

Midwest Industries H&K MP5K, SP89 Top Rail with Sight Extension (MI-MP5KTR)

$114.95 - Buy Now

A smaller version of the MI-MP5TR for use with the MP5K, SP89 and other similar variants. The main difference this mount has only one MLOK slot in the arm that extends to the front sight.


An aftermarket handguard can also be used to mount a rail.  This only works if you need the rail to mount something besides an optic, for example an offset flashlight or laser setup.

For a more detailed overview of the top handguards available for the MP5, you can check out our recent blog post on the topic.