Victor Company Kidd Compatible 10/22 Rear Anchor Kit for TITAN22 Stock - Black

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Do you own a Kidd .22 rifle/receiver and a Titan 1022 stock? Victor Co's Kidd Compatible Rear Anchor kit fits with any Kidd receiver to lock down the action.


This second point of attachment allows the shooter to tune their Kidd rifle for INSANE results. If you want to get the most accuracy possible out of your Kidd .22LR rifle you will want our Kidd Compatible Rear Anchor to deliver uncompromising accuracy shot after shot.

EASY TO INSTALL - No Gunsmith Needed! Each Kidd Compatible Rear Anchor kit comes with two attachment screws and a hex wrench for easy installation.

TWO FINISHES - Offered in Hard Anodized Black or Sliver finishes to match your rifle.


TUNABLE TO YOUR ACTION - Once installed, test different amounts of torque on the rear anchor screw to find the correct tension for your barreled action.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review